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Naked   & Not Ashamed

The Transformational Devotional Experience.

Is your Women's group, Ministry or Book Club ready to get Naked?


Naked & Not Ashamed is a transparent conversation between Sisters. One that allows both the writer and readers to expose themselves without fear or sense of condemnation. It's a journey towards healing that allows us to dialogue without masks, charades or pretense. We explore familiar stories in the Bible. These powerful narratives of trial, triumph, failures and flaws show the resiliency, redemptive and transformative power of encountering Christ. The author also reveals personal experiences in her own personal walk with Christ with all of it's ups, downs, twists and turns. But the most amazing part of this story is YOU, the Reader! Some of you are surviving a life filled with pain, grief and regret, This book is designed to help you see your own undeniably powerful narrative. We want to challenge you to see the hand of God in your life and urge you to find the ability to tell your story.

Healing from trauma isn't always a beautiful process but the result, however, can leave you breathless. There are so many amazing women who have silently suffered from the pains of their own abuse, trauma, or grief for days, weeks, months, years, or even a lifetime. But all of that can end today, today we can begin to take the necessary steps to join the path to healing remembering to take it one day at a time. You, me, we, can't control the things that have happened to us, but each woman must decide if she is willing to be healed from them.

As a survivor of sexual abuse, incest, suicidal tendencies, and traumas in her own life, Chanelle Coleman utilizes a biblical lens to discuss the subjects we really don't want to talk about. Why? But that's precisely the place where we need to start in order for healing tbegin. Growth never occurs in a comfortable place. Get ready to get Naked & Not Ashamed!


Naked & Not Ashamed

The Transformational Devotional xperience..

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